Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Web Wednesday: Solar Boston

Solar Boston is a program started by the Mayor of Boston, Thomas Menino, to increase the amount of solar energy in the city. The Solar Boston website displays yet another internet-based use of ArcGIS. Residents of Boston, Massachusetts have opportunity to view all of the solar energy producers in their city (as well as a few other alternative energy sources) and determine the solar potential of their own home or business. Simply use the "Tools" tab to type in a Boston address and a graph of the solar potential for the year will appear. The application also provides information on the assumptions that were made to arrive at such solar potential values and outlines how one should actually go about implementing solar energy solutions.

Take a look at the Solar Boston map and test it out for yourself! [Try using the solar potential tool on the address " 666 Boylston St ", the location of the City of Boston Central Library, as we did below.]