Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Web Wednesdays: UMapper

Within ArcMap, it is possible to create hyperlinks to provide additional information about features on your map. However, if you want an interactive GIS map to be accessible online, an external application must be used. UMapper allows you to create a variety of embeddable flash maps. With UMapper, you can create, manage, and distribute online maps. UMapper even allows you to create map wikis and geogames, track detailed usage of your map, and make money off your map by displaying advertisements.

If you click on the "Explore" tab on the website, you can browse through example maps. This map of the Dubai Metro system had a lot of views. It has all of the bus and rail stops along the metro line, and when you click on each symbol, additional information about the routes pops up. UMapper also allows you to resize and embed a map by providing the necessary coding.

The website also has simple tutorial videos that go through the step by step process of creating maps. You can create a map entirely with UMapper, or you can customize a map you created in ArcMap by adding hyperlinks and other graphics to it.